What rules must be adhered to in the TurboTrade.Fund Challenge?

What rules must be adhered to in the TurboTrade.Fund Challenge?

To ensure a successful trading experience in the TurboTrade.Fund Challenge, it is imperative to comply with the following guidelines and restrictions:

Maximum Daily Drawdown: The maximum daily drawdown limit stipulates that you can incur losses up to 4% of your initial account balance on any given day.

Maximum Overall Drawdown: Traders are permitted a maximum drawdown of 7% of their initial account balance. Consequently, the account balance/equity should not fall below 93% of the initial balance throughout the TurboTrade.Fund Challenge.

Minimum Trading Days: In the TurboTrade.Fund Challenge, a minimum of five individual and separate trades must be executed on seven different trading days, totaling twenty-five trades. These trading days do not necessarily need to be consecutive.

Copy Trading: TurboTrade.Fund allows traders to engage in copy trading from another TurboTrade.Fund account, prop firm, or retail broker, provided that the same individual owns all the involved accounts. Copy trading between multiple accounts not owned by the same individual, including those of relatives, family members, or friends, is strictly prohibited.

IP Address: To maintain a secure trading environment, it is highly recommended that traders use a single device with a unique IP address during their trading activities on the TurboTrade.Fund platform.

VPN/VPS Service: Clients can use VPN and VPS services for platform access. For VPN users, it is advisable to pay for VPN services and select a specific IP within a country for consistent tracking. VPS users should opt for paid services with dedicated IP addresses and avoid sharing connections with others.

EAs/Indicators: Traders are permitted to use Expert Advisors (EAs) and Indicators to enhance their trading strategies at TurboTrade.Fund. It is crucial for each trader to ensure that their trading parameters are unique and aligned with their individual trading style and account.

Restricted Trading Strategies: Any cheating or platform exploitation is strictly prohibited, as outlined in the TurboTrade.Fund Terms of Service (TOS). Traders are encouraged to thoroughly read and understand the Terms of Service to prevent unintended consequences.

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